Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What I've Been Eating: Tex-Mex Chicken Sandwich

So I've delved into my goody bag from Taste Inc. again.

This time I chose the Whole Breast Tex-Mex Chicken Sandwich with cheese and spicy salsa.

Wow that's a mouthful of a description. Label looks clean and sharp. A tad misleading, but then who would microwave lettuce.


The taste was good. Hot to the point of sizzling, the bread didn't go too soggy, it also didn't have the wooly texture that was there when I ate the baguette. So far these are plus points.

The chicken did only take up about half of the bread roll though, that I found a bit disappointing. The spicy salsa had a bit of kick, yet wasn't the chunky salsa you would have expected if you only looked at the wrapper. Thankfully the taste outweighed the pasta sauce consistancy of it all.

What did I think?

Now anyone that knows me can testify for my love of American Cheese, aka plastic cheese. I grew up sneaking slices of Princess Processed Cheese out of my Nanna's fridge. There is something almost religous about the unwrapping of the yellow wobbly goodness. Granted there is no real cheese inside and this is a dark, dark, guilty pleasure and I so wish I could buy it in blocks like you can in the States.

Anyway I digress, there was a slice of it in this sandwich. So thin, yet turned into an ooey gooey unchus mess. It was divine. So yes, there it is, the way in to my heart is a slice of American Cheese - who knew?


I liked this one. More than I did the Chicken & Chorizo Baguette. I'm sure a lot of that is down to the texture of the chicken and the slice of American Cheese. There was a pleasant hum from the salsa, which personally I think should be a chunkier version. Texture is a good think after all.

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