Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What I've Been Eating: Chicken & Chorizo Sandwich

Picture the scene...

You wake up late, the loaf of bread that you programmed the bread maker hasn't finished (yes my programming and maths both suck) so you have nothing for lunch. Before you run out of the door for that shift in the office you remember that you have some of Taste Inc.'s pre-made goodies in the fridge.

I'll hold my hands up and say that they are not items on my usual shopping list. But on day's like today they are a godsend, and when you only get a 30 minute break for lunch - speedy too. Handy when you have one microwave between 50+ people in a shared kitchen.

I wasn't expecting much from the sandwich to be honest. Chicken and Chorizo is a crisp baguette ticked all the boxes for me on a taste point, 380 calories didn't make too bigger dent in my daily allowance either.

The product:

The taste:

Not bad. The chicken wasn't the best quality, but then I've had worse cooked for me in restaurants, there was a bit of something tendony. The chorizo was like a bacon rasher... that I liked. Not too spicy but enough kick to beat it's way through the thick, creamy mayonnaise that was in the packet. The bread wasn't crispy though. It wasn't bad either, as a person with an aversion to overly crispy food the texture, if a bit wooly, worked for me. It could have done to be a little less sweet. The baguette reminded me of Bimbo bread I've eaten in Spain.

The preparing:

A time consuming 45 seconds per side!! Swift fast food.

What did I think?:

I am really surprised to say I really enjoyed this product and at roughly £1.99 (current price at Morrisons) I will probably buy this again as a standby meal, for those 'oh crap' days or when I'm in double shift mode at the office.

They do have a fairly short shelf/fridge life but surely that is a good thing.

When I first heard about the snacks, and the majority being under 500 calories I immediately wondered if they would be suitable for fast days on 5:2. Sadly, although they look good on paper for this this particular sandwich isn't. The satiation from it isn't great, and it almost begs for something to be eaten on the side (steaming chunky chips do come to mind).


Not bad, but not great either. My mind has been blown by the idea of chorizo bacon though.

May your day Glitter & Sparkle.

*This is a sponsored post. All my views are impartial.

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