Friday, 3 January 2014

Review: Avon's Line & Lash

I ordered this after seeing it come through for a couple of my customers.

I love a bit of glitter, and I adore silver.

The liner side is a liquid liner with a brush to apply and a mascara wand at the other side.

I love the glitter liner. It's not overly in your face and will lend itself to different coloured liners although I've only used it with black so far, plan to pair it with either a blue or a teal one next.

However, I'm not so keen on the mascara. It does have some good points. It's brush has a good bristle wand to it. I don't like the product's consistency, it's rather thick and doesn't do my short lashes any favours. I need a product that lengthens and thickens, probably why I use 2 mascaras.

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