Saturday, 18 January 2014

Shhh! Can you keep a secret?

Well? Can you? Oh good. So can I, so we'll be fine.

There is something about be a confident that makes me feel special. And knowing that you have friends that you can trust in this digital age, where you can tell the world in under 5 seconds (or longer depending on how fast you text/type) exactly what you are thinking/feeling at any one time.

I believe that some things are not for the internet's mass entertainment. Some things are better left discussed, yet not broadcast.

Keeping secrets isn't a bad thing. Surprising someone is nothing but a big secret, keeping small children's dreams alive again comprises keeping secrets and being somewhat economical with the truth.

Then there are other things, conversations that you have that are more serious. That you keep in confidence for that other person. Ones where it's not your place to tell others what has been said. If you are taken into someone's confidence you should never break that trust, unless it's a life-threatening situation and it will save them. However, if you break a confidence in frivolous circumstances and general game playing. Don't be surprised if you soon find yourself in trouble.

I'm lucky, I have many fabulous friends. At home and at work. If I have a problem I have people I can go to and ask for help, and know it won't wind up being the next coffee table and water cooler debate. Keeping problems to yourself just makes it worse for you. That is an unhealthy secret, and I can keep those with the best of us, but it's not good for me. Then when you have news that you can't fully share, say a pregnancy in the early stages, you can share the excitement before you go public. Those are the people you need to surround yourself with.

This is a thank you to everyone who has kept my secrets over the years, and it has been my pleasure to be your confidant too. 

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