Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: What I Will Be Eating Special

Usually on a Wednesday I post a series of photographs of meals I have eaten during the week on one particular day.

Today I thought I would do something slightly different.

As you all know I returned to work full time this week. Which is prompting a few changes in Princess Kitchen at BeeBee Towers.

I will be taking packed lunches to work, either sandwiches, soups or other easy to grab/eat at your desk fodder, and embracing slow cooking or freezer-to-table meals on an evening.

So as I always do when brainstorming ideas I headed over to @pinterest and I found this pdf.

California chart by Real California Milk
It gives you a few pointers to how to make your pack-up lunch a balanced affair.

I also came across these gorgeous pictures... they look perfect for some desk nibbles.

This board is full of great ideas including:

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