Tuesday, 11 March 2014

What I've Been Reading: Kindle Edition


Have you got a Kindle? Or even the Kindle app on your tablet/smart phone?

I've mentioned before how my father-in-law has lent me his Kindle, before that I used the app on my android tablet.

On a whole I read a lot. I'm partial to murder mysteries, light and frothy chick lit, horror tales and short stories.

Right now I have been on a run of novellas from De-Ann Black's Tea Dress Shop Series 99p reads that don't take long to pick up and get to the point.

As it is I am already a sucker for a Christmas novel which is originally how I discovered this series of three.

As a busy mum I don't always have time for a big book or an indepth novel. I just want something that will occupy me during the football.

Got to love living in a house full of boys.

Back to the books, they are all very similar, so all can be read independently of each other. Although, Findlay, the lead protagonist from the first story, is referred back to as she is the original Tea Dress shop owner.

Personally I preferred the third book in the series.

The Vintage Tea Dress Shop in Summer.

Hard-working marketing expert Esmie is passed over for promotion once again, just as she is offered the chance to own her own shop in a small Scottish village.

After a short weekend visit she finds herself falling in love with the quiet life and the villagers residents... and one in particular.

The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop in Edinburgh

Delphine leaves Glasgow and with her redundancy settlement opens the Fairy Tale Tea Dress Shop in Edinburgh. At the same time she splits from her chef boyfriend.

After previously working as a fashion merchandiser Delphine puts her knowledge to good use. The other businesses in the neighbourhood quickly showed support for the fledgling retailer.

A couple of mislabelled blog posts and an email later and business is booming, but can Delphine find what her heart is searching for?

The Tea Dress Shop at Christmas

Findlay has been unlucky in love, after finding out that her boyfriend and her supposed best friend have been more than just friends, she moves to Glasgow and decides to make a fresh start for herself.

After finding a shop that had laid empty for a long time she decides to pile in her savings and open a shop selling new and vintage tea dresses that she has designed and made herself.

We follow Findlay as she renovates her shop, builds her business and listens to what her heart wants.

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