Friday, 14 March 2014

Family Friday: 10 Facts About Me

1. I have a conflicting streak where I love to be the centre of attention, but don't like people paying too much attention to me.

2. I have a thing about science fiction/fantasy and superheroes. TV series, films and graphic novels I love them all.

3. I get bored far too easily, and then I have crazy ideas of things to do.

4.  I get distracted by shiny things far too often.

5.  I make my own wine, and then I drink it.

6.  I share my birthday with the day that Holst first performed the planet suite.

7.  I stand by the idea that carrots scream when being uprooted, after reading it in a free book of facts I got in a magazine.

8. I was asked to leave cookery and needlework classes at secondary school.

9. I have never officially solved a Rubik's cube.

10.  I played violin for 8 years, and can't remember a note.

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