Monday, 31 March 2014

British Summer Time

What is it about the clock change to BST that turns me into a dribbling wreck?

So the pros of daylight savings...

More sunshine

Kids sleep in longer

Evenings seem longer, due to the extra sunshine hours

The weather begins to warm up

The cons...

Skimpy clothes
Milk bottle legs
Looking & feeling like a zombie

All that has happened is that I have lost a single hour of sleep, so why do I stop being able to function, is anyone else like that? Or is this just a BeeBee problem.

So here are my tips for a quick energy boost, to keep the droopy eyelids at bay.

1. Go for a brisk walk - hark at me, hopefully in some spring-filled sunshine.
2. Bang some happy tunes on and have a mini disco party.
3. Drink a cup of tea, this has been proven to help.
4. Spritz face with cold water, keep a small spray bottle in your bag (available at Superdrug).
or my personal quick fix favourite
5. If all else fails (or you are feeling that way out) a bag of maltesers and a diet coke! Works for me, and quickly too.

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