Sunday, 9 March 2014

Relaxing and Maxing

After this week I took the opportunity today to clean the house from top to bottom.

After lunch I took to the kitchen, making Jim Beam chocolate brownies, bourbon chicken wings and crabby pancakes for a night in with friends.Oh my those brownies were good!

Normally after a spate of cleaning I like to relax by reading.

It is quite simply my most favourite thing. I'm lucky, as my job is basically reading, and on occasions writing about what I've read. My hobbies are reading and writing on here. I also love photography, but time is key with that one.

If I'm at a loose end with the internet near by I like to slip into @pinterest the things in there either relax me, inspire me to try new things or give me ideas of what I can do and how I can improve my lifestyle. I love that place. So much stuff in one location. It's mind boggling and much cleaner than snipping bits out of magazines.

I'm starting to enjoy looking at beautiful gardens and hope this means I may embrace gardening as a fun activity, what with the size and state of mine it needs a lot of hard work and inspiration!

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