Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Targets for April: Part 2

At the beginning of the month I set myself a couple of targets for the month...

So how did I do?

Reduce surface clutter. I'm getting there with this one, slowly. I've managed to clear the surfaces in our bedroom and in the bathroom. The front room and kitchen could do with more work though.

Organise bedding - getting rid of some and replacing the ones that have seen better days with new bedding. I got some new bedding, I've also managed to remove 7 bags of sheets and pillowcases from the shelves. All the bedding is now sorted into matching sets with fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases - kept together in a pillowcase.

Being ruthless at the bookcase and in the wardrobe. I've not bought any more clothes or books, so this is a bonus, unless you count replacing bras and knickers. I have managed to thin out some clothes too. I've moved all the clothes that didn't fit out of the wardrobe and into storage bags.

Make up - compared to some I don't have much, compared to most I probably have too much and right now it all sits in a Peppa Pig shopping tote. This in conjunction with the next goal has been sorted. I now have a small drawer and all my make up apart from what I'm planning to use for the upcoming week which is in my bathroom cabinet.

Tackle the drawers, junk and otherwise. They don't shut - or open. This has gone well. I've weeded out my 2 junk drawers, one now has make up - the other is jewellery. Who knew I had so many necklaces and rings. I've also thinned out by underwear drawers, sock and nightwear drawers too. It's been productive.

Now to start on a new list for May.

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  1. Yehy, do you feel better for less clutter? Can't beat a good clear out :)