Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Asda Stuffed Crust Spicy Meatball Pizza with Garlic & Herb Dip

I rarely buy supermarket pizzas, this one I first tried after finding it in the Whoops.... section. I love a good Whoopsie bargain. 

On the box it looks appealing, I don't think that they'd let it look like a dog's dinner on the box. 

So how does it stand-up to the box? I have found on the times I have bought it that the toppings have slid off the base. I have transported it straight, on a side and generally thrown it around. Not once has it arrived without needing a makeover before going in the oven. 

Taste-wise it's got a kick. Not a huge one, but enough to know that the mini meatballs are there. The garlic & herb dip is a great complimentary side for this. Even my non-spicy child demolishes this when I serve it up for tea. There is a mildly spiced tomato base with a smattering of cheese on top on which the mini meatballs sit. 

It is probably just as well that there isn't too much cheese as the crust hides a tube of gooey molten goodness - I personally would have liked there to be a touch of chilli in here too. I am a bit of a chilli fiend though, just ask @thechillijamman 

Overall totally worth the £3.50 it costs. 

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