Monday, 7 April 2014

My Life Monday: Targets for April

So this month I am aiming to get on top of a few things.

This starts with a complete bedroom declutter.

The wardrobe has far too many things in it. Including blankets, sheets, random other bedding, enough pillowcases to cover a hotel full of pillows, odd non-matching duvet sets, suitcases, a tv from one of the kid's bedrooms and that's before you even get to the mounds of clothes.

Lots of clothes that either fit and I don't wear or clothes that don't fit and theere are rows up rows of books that need reading or bosing, donating, selling or binning. I think you might be starting to get my drift.

It feels like I'm drowning under all the stuff in there. I daren't even look under the bed! There could be a whole undiscovered civilisation living under there.

What I need to be is ruthless, someting I find tricky yet also weirdly exhilerating.

So on my To Do list this month.

Reduce surface clutter.
Organise bedding - getting rid of some and replacing the ones that have seen better days with new bedding.
Being ruthless at the bookcase and in the wardrobe.
if it doesn't fit, it must go
if I haven't worn it, it must go
Make up - compared to some I don't have much, compared to most I probably have too much and right now it all sits in a Peppa Pig shopping tote.
Tackle the drawers, junk and otherwise. They don't shut - or open.

My reign as Queen Bee Hoarder must end this month - at least in the bedroom!

Do you set any monthly goals?

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