Thursday, 10 April 2014

My Nail Woes: Avon Gel Finish Nailwear

So I've not spoken about my nails recently.

Right now they are looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself. (What's the bet that I've just jinxed them right there?)

What have I been doing to them this time? Not much if I'm honest. Increased typing seems to have helped them grow. The constant tapping also appears to have made them that bit stronger too.

I've also been using the new Gel Finish Nailwear by Avon (available from Campaign 8). I've been loving the nude colour of Barely There. It lends to the look of a muted French Manicure which I adore.

I have been lucky enough, as a consultant, to be able to try several of the colours. So far out of the 11 I got to do some Wel Gel events this one is my favourite, and at just £3.50 on it's introductory offer it's a real steal; full price it will be £7 and I believe still worth every penny.

The Barely There is easy to apply, and dries to a high shine with no streaks surprisingly quickly.

The best bit that I have found about these Gel Finish colours is their durability.

I don't particularly look after my manicures after I have done them, I get up to all sorts. However the staying power is astonishing, I've not managed to chip a colour without major effort, in my case it was wrenching go-karts in and out of a lock-up container.

From the other colours I have tried the stand outs have been Candy Apple, an almost transparent neon red, I found this one needed a couple of coats. Red as Roses, Mauvelous and Berrylicous all had great staying power.

I also loved the richness of Mudslide. I hope to try and mix it with Glimmer - a gold colour to see what happens, I have heard mixed reports on this though.

Overall, I'm loving this new product. The one downside... once you take the bottle from the box, there is no name on the bottle to refer back to. So quite a small downside, but noticable - especially if you are planning on going down the party route.

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