Monday, 28 April 2014

My Favourite Shoes

I love ballerina pumps. They are my go to shoe for most occasions.

It is rare that there is an outfit they won't go with and these days the choice is vast.

I have big feet. I have been a size 9 since I was 15 years old. Thankfully they decided to stop growing. This does however pose some problems when it comes to buying shoes.

Back in the 'day' Saxone used to be pretty much the only place I could buy shoes. Their tall and small department kitted me out for girly shoes. Other than that all my shoes/trainers were from the men's section. I can tell you that does nothing for a teenager's self esteem. Thankfully Dr Marten's were in vogue during the back end of my senior school years.

Even until recently finding shoes in a size 9 for a under £40 a pair was tricky. However, many stores are starting to catch up Brantanto, New Look, Evans, Next and even Asda have started to stock fashionable shoes in the larger size.

My favourite store for choice is Shoezone. They have a massive range of size 9 and above shoes, most importantly (for me at least) they are in a standard width. Even though I am bigger than the average fashion consumer I do have long skinny feet, with really long finger toes.

So back to my current favourite shoes. I first bought these at the beginning of the year for just £7.99. They are a classic shape and I love the print. The insole is cushioned and they are perfect for perking up a work outfit. After pretty much daily wear, over a 3 month period I wore them through.

For me Shoezone is like the Primark of the shoe world. Except they also sell online as well as in store.

Let me know which of their extensive range are your favourite.

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