Friday, 11 April 2014

Yours Clothing: Red and Black Ditsy Floral Print Jersey Tunic

I was shuffling through the @yoursclothing website last week and noticed this in the sale. I've been after some dresses for work, and when you stand at 5' 10" in your size 9 ballerina pumps that can be an effort in itself. 

It reminds me of the pattern that you find on bandanas, which I collect and have an assorted array of colours and they'll come out to play during the summer no doubt. 

At the moment I'm between a 24 and 26 for dresses so I plumbed for the 26/28 in the hope that it would make it that little bit longer so I could wear it as a dress rather than a tunic. 

A gamble I think paid off. 

As a member of the not blessed with big boobs brigade I appreciate the faux vest in the v-neckline. 

I also feel I must apologise for the photo, I've been having a few bad face days so have left off the make up. 

I love this item, and in an office that seems to be set to tropical it is just the right sort of material. 

I wore it with some opaque black tights and a pair of chelsea boots, which you can't see on this photo. I need to get me a photographer!

You can find this item on the website here

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