Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What's In My Bag?

This is my current bag, I'm using it for work and generally live out of it. It is the Storm Cabin Bag in a fantastic teal patent. I love it. It will be available to buy through Avon during Campaign 8. 

I have so much in here, as you are about to find out. 

Microfibre cloth, this is mainly for cleaning my glasses now, it used to be for wiping down the windscreen in my car!

My father-in-law's kindle. It's filled with books, including a pre-release I'm reading for an online book club I work with. 

My purse, I got this for my birthday last year from work. I absolutely love it. 

Giant notepad and pen. I never go anywhere without one. If I don't write my ideas down when I have them, poof they're gone never to be thought of again. 

Body lotion and fragrance spray, in my current favourite Apricot and Shea scent. I love it so much, I've even ordered the shampoo and conditioner now. 

These are my inhalers, got to love being asthmatic. I don't use them often but they need to be there. 

Mini make-up bag, hand sanitiser, tissues and face powder.

Hello Kitty first aid bits, paracetamol, plasters, safety pins. And my favourite perfume.

Apart from 2 loose pennies, that's the main section empty!

Now for the little inside pouch.

Dental floss, fruit knife (me and apples don't get on!), little mirror and my daily vitamins & anti-histamines. Also extra hayfever tablets in case I have an allergic reaction. And a biscuit leftover from a coffee I had last week. 

In the front pocket of the bag I keep my 2 phones. The world's worst Blackberry and a back up android that I use for apps and watching YouTube! A USB charger and some ear buds.

This is my mini manicure set, I picked it up from a poundshop and added in the orange stick - love those for cleaning my nails out on the go, and the tictac box I keep my kirby grips/bobby pins in. Top tip there!

So that is what I have in my bag. 

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