Friday, 7 March 2014

Family Friday: Getting Organised

At the risk of harping on. There has been some big changes this week.

This obviously will impact on our family life.

After 10 years spending a majority of my time at home, I have strangely managed to see more of my children this week while I've been working full days in the office.

The week has gone in a flash and now the weekend is here.

It's been a week of meetings, meals out and a tv marathon with takeaway. So tomorrow is a housey day. We will do the weekly shop, my menu for next week is already sorted, deliver my remaining Avon orders and then get down to the business of tidying up - hopefully at some speed. Then, and only then, we can get to do something fun.

I'm just not sure what yet.  What I do know though is that weekends are going to be important.

A time for us to be together and go and do things. Now to track those things down and make them happen.

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