Thursday, 13 March 2014

New Dress!

 It must be Spring... I'm starting to break the legs out, albeit in opaque tights but they are out and that counts!

I was looking for a work appropriate dress that could be dressed down and dressed up as my mood takes me and found this F&F True Floral Plus Size Wrap Dress on the website.


It doesn't look overly low cut, however as boobs are not my biggest asset I have popped a vest top underneath which matches the middle of the daisy prints. I also like that the website tells you the height of the model so you can judge the length, I'm the same height and it's not far off!

At this rate my office's toilets are going to be famous from the OOTD/selfies that I have taken to doing in there on the sly. 

This design appears to be flying off the shelves. I bought this on Saturday and now half of the sizes are limited and down to only 1 or 2. So if you are a larger size I'd get there quickly. I hope that with the popularity of this style that they will bring other fabric designs in the same cut. If they do I'll be there first in the queue to get them. 

I haven't shopped with the True range for a long time as they haven't had the best designs recently and since leaving the shop floor. This season they appear to have made a change. I also am in love with a hot pink mac on the site... Fingers crossed they will still have one left on pay day!

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  1. Love it, this is the kinda dress I would be wearing for work if I was still there :) looks nice, suits you x