Thursday, 16 January 2014

Valentine DIYs: Valentine's Wreath

I thought as Valentine's Day is looming, and I've been scrolling through different decorations on @pinterest, that I would try my hand at making a wreath.

As we are still feeling the pinch of the post Christmas/Birthday season I have made this from items I already had in the house.

Here I have an offcut of red material, a wire coat hanger and the inside of a laundered old pillow.

I made a rough circle shape out of the hanger, don't worry if it's not totally round as you are adding the wadding next. (apologies for the lighting, daft Yorkshire mid afternoon drizzly weather)

Then I took the red fabric. This offcut already had a hem on there which made then next step slightly easier/neater.

I wrapped the material around the wadding and sewed it with a rough running stitch. I did this all the way around the circle.

Then my mind moved to how do I decorate this?

BUTTONS!!! I have so many different styles, colours and shaped buttons. So I selected a few.

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