Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

It's time for another What I Ate Wednesday... 

I waited to eat breakfast at tea & toast. I had a white coffee and white bread crusts with strawberry jam and lemon curd. Yummy homemade jam. 

We also had a bit of a cakey morning. This is a chocolate and caramel cupcake. 

For lunch I had spaghetti bolognaise. I originally made this for the boys' tea whilst I'm in the office, so had a little bit now. 

I took a packed lunch to work, cheese and cucumber sandwiches, a tangerine, some cheese & bacon crisps and a Banana Soreen Bar. I love these Soreen bars, fantastic for packed lunches. The banana ones taste like banoffee.

As I was in the office I also took some items from my box to snack on. 
I love dark chocolate so the Jaffa Cake punnet is a proper treat. 

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