Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Finally the boys are back at school.

Does anyone else think that was a really long two weeks, or is that just me?

Today I've started my day off with Special K Multigrain porridge with honey and almonds, and to cut through the sweetness I've topped it off with a little milk. 

I got a bit peckish about 10.30am, so I felt that elevenses were in order, so I grabbed an apple and a handful of nibbly bits left over from Christmas. Mmm savoury nibbles...

Lunch is leftovers from last night's tea. Bubble & squeak, made with leftovers from the Sunday dinner, and Boston-style baked beans, a tin of baked beans souped up with the little gammon we had left, a finely diced onion and some bbq sauce. I have topped this with a poached egg. Not an elegant meal, but a tasty one!

I had a bit of a run around in the afternoon doing chores and the school run, well I've been told the boys need to be collected after school as well as taking. Tea was a quick fuss free affair of Chicken Tikka Bake, with chips, onion rings and a tomato & cucumber salad. 

I rounded the day off with a coffee and Irish Cream cake bar, while watching the Taste.

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