Saturday, 4 January 2014

What I Read: Wish Upon a Star by Trisha Ashley

Another uplifting and heart-warming tale from the queen of Christmas fiction's pen.

In Wish Upon a Star we are introduced to Cally who is deserted by her fiance, only to find out she is pregnant. Stella is born with a complicated heart condition.

The single mum dotes on her precious daughter. Her career as a food writer is booming and her second book is due soon, but as her professional life soars her personal life begins to crumble.

Stella is starting to get sick and needs vital surgery not available in the UK, so to conserve cash Cally moves up to west Lancashire to live with her mother Martha to try and save the much-needed money to pay for the surgery in America. The sale of her home in London is gifted to Stella's Stars; the charity she set up to pay for the surgery.

After an appointment with Stella, Cally pops into a new bakery in Ormskirk and meets baker Jago. She feels an instant connection, and the pair strike up a firm friendship. Jago has his own romantic baggage and when his ex-fiancee turns up after running out on him on the eve of their wedding determined to win him back.

As Stella's surgery draws closer the residents of Sticklepond draw together to help give the child a fighting chance of a normal life.

It's another well-paced story from Trisha Ashley, just enough sweetness and a couple of characters who then cut through so it's didn't become sickly. A great read not for Christmas.

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