Tuesday, 7 January 2014

List of Pleasures

It's the most frugal month of the year.

January seems like the longest month ever. This is probably due in part to being paid a week earlier than usual in December and all the other extra outgoings that creep in.

To treat myself I have made up a list of Small Pleasures that won't cost me a penny but will keep me happy and relaxed.

On my list I have:

Read a book
Browse blogs (I like to use bloglovin')
Shuffle through Pinterest (hours disappear in seconds on this site)
Do my nails.
Go for a walk.
Play a computer game.
Watch a film (go onto YouTube you'll be amazed what you'll find on there).
Mini pamper session (if you don't have any pamper products, head to the kitchen and make a couple).
Listen to a podcast.
Watch a favourite tv show on iplayer/skygo.
Take your digital camera out for a walk.
Learn origami.
Listen to some music.
Change bedding (a bit of a chore, but boy the result pays off later).

Those are just a few from my list of free pleasures and treats

This post has been inspired by Kate Harrison's new book 5:2 Your Life: Get Happy, Get Healthy, Get Slim you can get your copy here from Amazon.

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  1. Great list - and so pleased you're inspired by the book! I definitely relate to the bedding. And my heated duvet is top of current winter pleasures.