Friday, 10 January 2014

Seasonal Flavours: Kellogg's Special K Multi-Grain Porridge: Almond and Honey flavour

I was wandering around my local Asda the other day and happened upon this little pot.

At 50p I thought why not give it a go. Breakfast in the Princess Kitchen is often a hurried and stressful affair, so I tend to wait until the boys have got to school before I have mine. With a well deserved coffee.

How do you make it?: Boil the kettle, pour onto the line, stir, replace the plastic lid and leave for 3 minutes. Eat! Nice and stress free.

What does the packet say?: Not a lot to be honest. It has a mix of Whole Oats, Whole Rye and Barley, 7 vitamins and iron (I naturally need lots of iron or a get really poorly) and tasty in 3 minutes.

What I say: It looks good, when you decant it from the pot, and is in no way the same size portion that you would make for yourself if you made your own porridge. Which lets be fair isn't a tricky thing to do.

It's very sweet, overly so for my taste buds. I needed to add a reservoir of milk on top to detract away from that sweetness. The almond nibs were a great addition. With this being a multi-grain product the texture was amazing. I'm not one for a solid mass of smoothness. I need to chew. this for an instant product delivered that texture in just 3 minutes.

However, for what it is an on offer for 50p I would stock up. Not so sure I would pay full price for it.

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