Monday, 13 January 2014

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

I've had a dreadful 4 months.

Pretty much since my Gran died everything has gone down hill. Including the state of my house. Mainly because I took a lot of items in when we cleared her house. Not as much as I would have liked but still.

Yesterday, I attacked my hall. Today I have been attacking my bedroom floor. It's horrendous. And is one hell of a dumping ground.

I broke it down into manageable chunks. Seeing as the whole room needs sorting out. So today I will be clearing out this space here to make my room accessible again. It's like living in an episode of Horders!

I started with a 10 minute chunk. Which barely touched the sides, but did get the momentum going. So I didn't break my back, I lifted all the kelt off the floor to the bed, then I worked in chunks of 10 mins to start with, then later on moved on to 25 mins. You have to admit that once you get started it is kind of addictive.

In total it took about 3 hours from start to finish, with breaks.

To equalise the ying and yang of the process for each chunk that I did, I treated myself to a little something off my simple pleasures list. I put some brand new, fresh bedding on.

If you want to find out more about the pomodoro system read 5:2 Your Life by Kate Harrison.

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