Thursday, 11 September 2014

Montagne Jeunesse – Anti-Stress Dead Sea Mud Pac

I have had this mask hidden in a drawer for a while. Last week I was feeling like a few things were starting to get on top of me.

This in mind I had a little pamper party for one. I took some music into the bathroom, a nice candle, ran a hot bath and this sachet of product.

You can pick up Montagne Jeunesse products pretty much everywhere, I think I found this one is Savers and they're usually around £1 to buy.

I'm not much of a bather (I prefer showers) or a mask user, but right now my chin is like a war zone, red, angry and sore.

On went the mask, and in the bath I popped.

I look like the monster from the lagoon. I can't quite work out what was going on, but as a person with permanent ear, nose and throat issues I could physically feel them clearing out. How a face mask can clear a person's blocked ears I will never know. Sadly it wasn't permanent. I think I will be searching this product out again just for that reaction alone. 

It is a deep penetrating mask. When I first took the product off my skin didn't look angry, it almost looked like it had calmed right down. My chin and jaw line felt smooth. 

This week however, I'm back to angry again. The directions say to use it up to 3 times a week.  

I have a couple of other masks to try out too... this could become a regular occurrence. 

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