Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pity Alert: I'm Poorly Sick

This week the lurgy has finally caught up with me.

After a good run of being lurgy free I've been walloped with the stick of bleurgh.

I'm not good at being sick.

I'm particularly not good at being sick and continuing to act like a adult.

So to make myself feel better, in the short term at least, I have been partaking in some sweet treats.

Namely Body Parts and Monsters from Maynews... nom nom nom.

Then dosing myself up with cold & flu tablets and Night Nurse. The witchy green goo is my night time saviour, knocking me out cold within a good 30mins of taking it. Thank you to +miss budget beauty for recommending it in one of her YouTube vlogs.

What I have been doing in the little downtime I've had so far is wander the internets bloggysphere in search of bits and bobs to read.

I have found myself drawn to these few.

Louise +Sprinkleofglitter Oh I love this girl.

Shame the feeling isn't reciprocated, yet I will continue to stalk her on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. At my age I really should know better.

She's a blast of fresh air, as batty as me and just as flighty. There is no hidden agenda here, just a girl who likes to be herself and share her life with the world (ps I love her hair!!!)

Then there is Money Saving Mom my FB timeline keeps sending me here.

With tips on organising your money and house she keeps sucking me in. I'm yet to find someone that sucks me in as much as she does in the UK though.

Although A Thrifty Mrs does come close. 

And this post of Autumnal Date ideas is simply spiffing... must bookmark for when I feel better. 

And then there is always the delight that is @pinterest

It is hard to put into words how much I love this site. I can disappear into a pinterest black hole and not come up for hours. Just scrolling and pinning. One of my favourites is Disneybound, a whole selection of look books based on Disney characters.

I mean just look at those boots!

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