Friday, 5 September 2014

Free For All Friday: September

Things I love about September.

Let me list the ways...

I'll keep it short, I will try and keep it brief.

There is something rather exciting about September.

1. The change in seasons. There is something about watching the season slowly change from Summer to Autumn.

2. The shops fill up with cosy looking clothes, new books and stationery.
I have a feeling this is all leftover from the new school year buzz I used to get.
There is something about perusing a shop's back to school section, and not for the kids.

3. Having a huge mug of something creamy when the weather is dingy outside.

4. Cuddling up during the darker nights and being able to read a good book.

5. Baking puddings that need a sauce.

6. Making soups to warm you to the bones in the office or on a rainy weekend.

7. Jumpers!!!

8. Putting the thick duvet back on my bed.

9. I start to get my craft on. Thinking about the 'C' word.

10. It's my birthday!!! I think that is more than reason enough.

This is a response blog to Louise @ Sprinkle of Glitter's Hello September post.

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