Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dairy Milk Oreo

Oh my glittery goodness. 

Last year when Cadbury released their Oreo bars I was a very happy girl. What wasn't there to like?

Thick milk chocolate, with a creamy white filling and small pieces of the dark, dark, chocolatey biscuity goodness.

The only problem is when they come in a big bar, it is very difficult (if you are me) to stop at just one block or strip. 

Finally, the chocolatey powers that be have seen fit to deem us mortals fit to receive a smaller bar of this gorgeous nectar from the gods. 

I love chocolate and I adore Oreos. Ever since I discovered them on a Barnamint Baileys icecream cocktail in TGI Fridays more years ago than I care to remember.

Anyone who has seen some of my foodie posts in the past is probably aware of my issue with texture.

There is something about certain foods that even though I like the taste, they just feel really, really horribly wrong. On this list is salt and vinegar chipsticks, Pringles, Crunchie bars, well done bacon (there is a really small window between perfectly crispy and wrong), and yogurts. What can I say I'm a complex soul. 

But which do I prefer? The big bar or the (what I would call) handbag-sized bar (but then with the size of my handbag a brick could be described as a handbag-sized bar).

Just look at those chunks. The 41g bar has knocked it out of the park for me. The chunks are slightly bigger, with a bubble like feel to the shape. The chocolate creamy goodness gods have delivered more biscuit and more of the creamy filling into one bite of this smaller bar than was originally in the larger bar. 

Result I say. 

Now shush while I finish the rest of this bar! 

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