Friday, 19 September 2014

Free For All Friday:Top 10 Things That Make Me Feel Better

So I'm still wallowing in my pity party for one.

The germs are slowly being driven out or at least drowned by copious hot drinks.

So here is my Top 10 Things that make me feel better when I'm poorly sick. In no particular order

1. Hot fruity drinks. Hot blackcurrant squash and hot lemonade, the clear fizzy variety.

2. Blankets. Huddling under a blanket with a magazine.

3. A cheesy girly book. I revel in the bliss that is a cheap novella from Amazon's Kindle book store.

4. Sleep. Sad but true. I love my bed.

5. Scrolling on by on Pinterest.

6. Watching Lifetime movies and TV shows. This week I've been binge watching Witches of East End love some frothy wiccan adventures.

7. Sugar. In all shapes and forms. It keeps me pepped up and stops me falling into a stooper in the office. I'm usually an avid coffee drinker, unless I have the germs in residence. Then I forgo the caffeine and top up on sugary goodness. Not that my waist or teeth will thank me for that.

8. Pottering. I just potter. I move from one place to the next, not particularly doing or achieving anything. There is something of an aimless wanderer about me when I'm that way inclined.

9. Youtube. Oh my sparkles. I'm a vlogger lover at the best of times, but I fall into the black hold of YouTube when I'm poorly. Right now I'm loving Jack & Dean, comedy shorts that I'd love to be longer.

10. Soup and bowl foods. There is something about soup or any food that needs to be served in a bowl and can be eaten with a spoon that I find comforting. And when I'm drowning in my own goo packed and stacked high with chilli. So pass me a bowl of chilli, soba noodles broth, spiced chilli beef soup, cheesy rice bake with baked beans... I think you get the gist.

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