Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What I've Been Eating... Rebels' Smokehouse

I was lucky enough to have been taken out to lunch last week by a very dear friend.

I really did make the most of my week away from the office.

We disappeared off without our husbands for a bite at Rebels' Smokehouse on Butcher Row in Beverley. I had never been there before, last year I had picked up a pulled pork sandwich from outside during the town's Food Festival, but I'd never stepped inside.

Even though it is fronted by large windows it is very dark inside and reminds me a lot of an American-style square bar I used to work in. The tables are a dark wood, and there is a mix of tall bar tables with bar stools and lower tables with metal chairs and holds 60 covers.

The decor is that homely cluttered feel that you find in bars like TGI Fridays, which is probably due to it turning into a bar once the sun goes down.

Anyway, I digress. Down to the food. Wow. What a menu. So much choice. I got lost half way down the first column.

There is so so much choice, and I dread to think just how much pork they wind up smoking and saucing.

We took a deep breath and dove into the menu, and came up for air bringing a selection of nachos, New York Strip Sandwich with blue cheese and slaw and the special of bigfoot burrito with us. You would have thought with the name bigfoot we might have expected a slightly larger than average buritto.

All meals are served either on wooden boards or a large enamel bowl/plate. Similar in size to what Gran would have cooked a family-sized pie in for 10 people. And this is just one portion.

I can honestly say one portion would handsomely serve 2 people from what I saw with the other dishes that were brought out.

Also on the specials board on the day we visited was a chicken waffle burger calzone and a double cheese burger calzone. Yes. They have actually managed to fit a whole burger - with bun - inside a calzone. It looks immense.

*taken from facebook

*taken from facebook
Thankfully, like the country of inspiration for this restaurant, they offer doggy bags/boxes so you can take what you can't eat now home with you.

This is food that definitely sticks your front to your back.

The barbecued pulled pork is up there with some of the best I have ever tasted, and is a blend that belongs to Alabama native and co-founder Sally McIntosh's family and unique to Rebels'. The pork butts are local and more often than not smoked for up to 16 hours in Sally's imported smoker.

During our visit we were ably served by Restaurant Manager Lucas Billingham, who was both jovial and patient as we waded through the vast menu.

The only downside is that we didn't get to try the Brownies which are the other co-founder Jason Rowe's speciality. There is always next time!

May your day Glitter & Sparkle!


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