Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Nail Woes... Continue

As you know I have started to grow my nails for a particular look I want for this October.

Again my nail have decided that the one thing that they don't want to do is remain strong and intact.

I have had to employ some canny measures this week to stop them from tearing any further than they are already.

My secret weapon is a tea bag. A tea bag and some super glue.

I have been keeping my nails painted so that they have that extra strength that they need. One of the many side effects of having low b12 levels is that your nail can be quite brittle.

These are the tools of my patch up job.

My two offending nails. They look rough don't they.

I empty the contents of the tea bag. 

Then cut two small pieces.

I add a small blob of glue to the tear/break. 

And place the tea bag slip on the top. (bad pic my apologies)

 Wait the for the glue to dry and buff the nail/paper until smooth.

Coat with polish (slightly better than I have here)

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