Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn: I Want List: Yours Clothing

Now the weather is changing and the prospect of Christmas parties and the month-long dress down period in the office is beckoning I've been making my way through the New In page on Yours Clothing. 

Here are my favourites in no particular order.

Black Sweat Top With Mixed Yarn Panels And Zip Pockets. I'm liking the idea of this with either a pair of wooly leggings or my overdyed black bootcut high-waisted jeans. A possible Mummy staple with an office side line. £25

This Black & Purple Rose Print Skater Midi Dress With Patent Belt looks like it could be a multi-functional item. I'm seeing parties, and I'm also seeing office wear, even the odd coffee shop trip. I'm also drawn to the fact that it's a midi dress. Rare with the skater styles, I'm hoping that this means with my height it will lead to a decent length, rather than the indecent skirts that I usually end up with. £25

Another jumper that could end up in my collection, but which one the grey or the raspberry? They are both so nice and equally suitable for work, mummy duties and general wear. The decisions. I wouldn't be upset if either of them landed on my doormat. £28

A Christmas party worthy dress now. Oh my, the places I could wear this. I'm popped it in my basket a couple of times now. I love a good swing dress. I do fear that this could be one of those risqué dresses length wise. I dream of a time when swing dresses and skater skirts routinely come in more than one length like trousers and jeans have finally started to. I'm imagining sparkly shoes and a large clutch with this beauty. £26

I have only recently discovered the greatness that is the onesie. I can't believe that it took me so long. I've only got one, and sadly it is a summer weight affair and has now been on numerous cub camps. This festive number is a cosy-looking fleece with a hint of reindeer. Obviously, when I say hint I mean it has been bashed with the Christmas stick while tumbling down a tinsel strewn Christmas tree. £25

This shirt is shouting at my inner cowgirl/lumberjack. I can see me dressing it up a little with my black suit for the office, or even with a skater skirt and a black v-neck jumper. I can also see me wearing it on a weekend with a pair of thick leggings and my converse or with my high waisted jeans or under a black dress. £20 

My final pick for today is another onesie. Even more festive that the one before, if only for the gingerbread girls and bright red fabric. The fabric has been described as super soft and cosy. Mmm. How good does that sound for a duvet day, snuggled up with a Christmas film and a cinnamon scented hot chocolate or chai latte? £25

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