Thursday, 23 October 2014

Avon's Stardust Nail Enamel in Teal Glitter

Just in time for the myriad of Christmas events that are beckoning Avon have released a new range of nail enamels. 

As a rep my customers have been loving the magnetic effect polishes this month. 

I have also sold a lot of this Stardust brand. 

On paper they look good. Promising a matte finish with opalescent glitter in different sizes for a unique 3D effect. 

On the nails they look even better. Easy to apply, I've had this colour on for 3 days now and barely a chip in sight. There is a bit of wear of the edge of my ring finger, but that isn't bad - considering I can chip varnish in a matter of minutes of applying it. 

It dries quickly. And I mean really quickly. 

I barely got the chance to smudge it! 

I have also bought the enamel in Radiant Rose which appears to be a bright cerise colour and I have my eye on the Cherry Dazzler for Christmas. 

Radiant Rose
Cherry Dazzler

Currently £3. You can buy online here or find your closest representative here

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