Friday, 3 October 2014

Free For All Friday: 10 Things I Love About October

Hecky thump, and glittery ones at that.

How quick did September run away with us? The Brothers Thing have settled themselves into their new classes and have their new routine almost down.

Thing 1 has decided that he's too grown up for such things as sleep, and Thing 2 is testing his boundaries. The sweet joy that is parenting. Got to love it.

Today I'm listing my favourite things about October:

1. Christmas Cake making: My family's tradition is to make our Christmas cake during the week that Hull Fair is on. Then we feed it with enough alcohol to sink a small battleship. My liquor of choice for this is Cherry Brandy.

2. Darker evenings: There is definitely something about darker nights that I prefer. Even if I'm in the office until late. It is almost as if I don't think I'm missing out on life by snuggling under a blanket or sitting in front of a monitor.

3. My allergies start to subside: I'm one of those lucky people whose allergies start in February and pretty much go straight through until November. Damp and mould spore they get everywhere. However those few months when the trees don't have leaves, the ground is wet enough for the debris to not get warm and musty and set off a wondering sneezing fit.

4. The new series from America start to hit our Blighty shores: I'm extra excited about the return of Agents of SHIELD, Sleepy Hallow, American Horror Story: Freak Show and Arrow. Then there is the launch of Forever, The Flash and Gotham. (Are you seeing a bit of a link here?)

5. The scent of Autumn: The air in October is almost magical. September sparked the change but October consolidates it. Once the coal fires and the log burners get lit the air just warms up with a scent all of it's own.


6. Conker hunting: This is one I do with the Brothers Thing, or at least I did last year. Mainly on the school run as their school is surrounded by horse chestnut trees. I'm hoping that we can get down to somewhere this weekend and see what we can find.

7. Baked apples: A simple pleasure. I'm even happy if they're made in the microwave. Core the apple pour in some dried mixed fruit, a blob of butter, a pinch of sugar and cinnamon and bung it in the oven or the microwave. Or even easier fill the apple cavity with jarred mincemeat. Must be served with pouring cream for the full effect though.


8. Porridge for breakfast: Oh my glittery goodness. October just screams porridge for me. From the bog standard to the slightly outlandish. I love it all. I do have recipes for Lamington Porridge and Carrot Cake porridge over on BeeBee's Recipes too.

9. Pumpkin Spice Lattes: This is one of my all time favourite drinks from Starbucks. I say Starbucks rather than stay brand neutral as I've never had this at any other store. I love this drink so much I even make my own from scratch. (this is my recipe for when I'm at home

10. Cinnamon: October just screams of cinnamon. On my porridge, in my coffee, even some of my favourite candles are cinnamon scented. I just love the stuff. It is also good for circulation (mine is very poor) and for warding off coughs and colds - and I need all the help I can get with that one.

What are your favourite things about October?

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