Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Autumn Nail Colours

As the leaves are changing so are the colours of my wardrobe and make up.

First I'm going to look at my nail varnishes.

This one is Wine and Dine from Avon's Gel Finish range.

A dark chianti-kind of colour. 

I have two coats on here and it goes on smoothly. Do make sure that you leave plenty of time for each coat to dry. I have had some smudging issues with this colour in particular for some reason.

As with all the Gel colours I have tried so far from Avon, it lasts well and has a good high shine finish. 

Another favourite is Very Berry, a rich raspberry/plum colour. Another one that I tend to have issues not spreading all over my fingers. That says more about the applicator than the actual product if I'm honest. 

Again it is prudent to leave a good gap between coats for this colour. Something about the plummy colours seem to need that extra layer to make is opaque and get that expensive and luxurious result. 

Now for a slightly brighter shade. Candy Apple. This one reminds me of Hull Fair. Going with Mum to walk around the rides, visiting the coconut shy and getting cinder toffee, toffee apples and the famous Brandy Snaps. Hull Fair is about the Waltzers and the food to my family. 

This is a rather iridescent colour, after the richer opaque colours, but the pop it gives you makes up for that. Wear it with a classic pin up look and you won't go far wrong.

My last favourite from the Avon Gel Finish range is the molten chocolate Mudslide. 

I have issues trying to put into words how much I love this colour. It is looks almost as if I have Galaxy Counters for finger nails. Good enough to eat. Probably not a good idea though. 

From my non Avon collection I have Tanya Burr's Midnight Sparkles. 

I loved the look of this when I ordered it from Superdrug online. It hasn't quite lived up to the promise. 

Again it's a dark plummy purple, more towards the blue side, with a light shimmer of blue, purple and red flecks. When I say light, I mean light. With a name like Midnight Sparkles I expected, well more sparkle. 

If I do away with that, it is a really nice colour. I've not had any issue with it chipping, it did however fade a little on the tips of my fingers. Probably down to the sheer amount of typing that I do, that and I am not precious about my hands. They go from cold to hot water, cook, clean, tinker about in my car, I don't give my nail varnishes an easy time of it. 

Midnight sparkles is another one that need more than one coat to make the most of it. 

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