Friday, 28 February 2014

Family Friday: Cooking Kid

Last week I set my Cubs a task, to help their parents at home in a range of chores/activities.

My eldest son JJ was no different.

For a week, he cleaned his room, made his bed, he sorted out the shoe cupboard and laid the dinner to list a few of the tasks.

He also cooked. His favourite food is lasagne, but I wasn't feeling the stress of teaching him how to make a bechemel sauce. Instead I headed to the cupboard and pulled out this beauty.

I've never really been a packet user. My mum used to way back when, for things like savoury mince, but as I was a diet club member for most of my adult life (somewhat unsuccessfully may I add) I have avoided them. However, I thought this looked interesting and a good cupboard standby. 

All JJ needed to add was some meatballs, which he made from lean mince formed into balls with some salt and pepper, onion and red pepper. 

Those knife skills just scared me!

He fried off the meatballs, onion & peppers. Added the sauce mix to the pan and left it to cook out and thicken, 

At this point he also boiled up some pasta (that's the shiny pan). 

After mixing it all together and topping with cheese we baked it for roughly 20 mins. 

The finished dish looked like this:

I think it's fair to say he did a really good job. I enjoyed my tea that night anyway!

If I see this packet mix again I will definitely be buying it. Quick and simple to make and it was quite simply child's play. 

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