Friday, 21 February 2014

Family Friday: The Day It All Went Wrong

We had some big plans for today.

We were going to go somewhere further afield and make use of the out of season prices.

Alas, Patsy the Battletram didn't agree with these ideas. So instead gets an extended stay at my mechanic's pleasure. Oh the joys. I didn't expect that after having my vitamin injection this morning that I would be high tailing it up to the garage with the world's loudest ever exhaust. It was just embarrassing.

So instead we rounded out half term with an impromptu lego-themed day, and an emergency visit to the dentist for me.

Bean bags on the floor, adults huddled on the sofa, mummy feeling rather sorry for herself and her bank balance!

We've always had a touch of Lego obsession in this house. We have the games, the tv specials and some films not to mention the blocks, some of the giant box we have were mine from the 80s.

We are really looking forward to seeing the new film, anything with Will Ferrell in is usually a hit at BeeBee Towers with the husband too.

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