Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nail Woes: Update

If you spotted my Something Fishy post you'll have seen my nails were finally getting to a decent length.

Alas, not long after that photo was taken a couple of them broke... now I've managed to cut them all down to a similar length and the splitting that was wrecking them is starting to only effect a couple of nails now.

I have started to use Avon's Diamond Strengthening Complex and Nail Experts 24k gold strength. Apart from the residual dye from my hair tinting the nail they're starting to look good again.

I apply the Diamond Complex after removing my nail varnish, I apply it to the cuticle area and the nail bed then massage it in, which - I am informed - encourages nail growth.

I seem to have been having much more success with the 24k gold treatment than with the pearl shine. It both protects and has a much longer durability than the Pearl Shine. You get a nice golden shimmer too which means that you can use it as your daily polish or as an undercoat.

I've also been carry around my current favourite hand cream also by Avon. It has a fresh apricot scent which isn't overpowering and sits happily in my handbag. I like it that much I'm considering getting a second one for my desk at work.

Overall, I'm really happy with how my nails are looking right now, hopefully it won't be long until I can embrace my nail wraps and more intricate nail art again.

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