Saturday, 8 February 2014

Beauty Favourites: Hair Edition

You may have noticed, or you might not, that I have red hair. I don't mean a little bit red, I mean pillar box/fire engine red hair. I love it. However, it is notoriously hard to keep bright.

I don't do a lot to my hair apart from the colouring. I have exceedingly fine hair, I do have a lot of it too mind. So there is a mass of waves on my bonce, that need a firm hand a strong talking to on more occasions that I care to admit.

I only wash my hair once a week. This is in part down to the sheer amount of hair that I have, it takes a long time for the oils to make their way to the surface, also for the sake of my colour too.

These are the items I couldn't shower without.

Shampoo and Conditioner.

So far this is my absolute favourite. It keeps my red hair red, and it cost effective too. At just £1.29 at bottle this Aldi product is well worth the money.

My well used shower cap.

I put on my hair conditioner and then plonk my shower cap on so it can get to work without attacked my the shower head. It soups up the power of the conditioner and makes sure I have a reletively tangle free mane when I come to drying it.

More often than not I leave it to dry naturally. From time to time I will use my wet 2 straight Remmington straighteners. I've had mine for years, probably about 15 if I was to hazard a guess.
They are a wide ceramic plate, which helps when you have as much, and hair as long as mine.

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