Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

It's another busy week, and I'm finding it really difficult to get up in a morning. When time is precious I have a habit of reaching for a friend egg sandwich. Warm, full of protein and has a smattering of tomato sauce in there too. 

Lunch was homemade veggie chilli with wholegrain rice and a bit of cheese. (mmm cheese)
You can also see my diet coke habit is still in force. 

Throughout the day I have been drinking my current favourite coffee Ginger Bread by Beanies - I add half a tsp of brown sugar and a glug of milk for a perfect autumnal hot drink.

I spied this yesterday in the Co-Operative next to my office, mmm nutella choc dip. Yummy!

Tea is courtesy of my hubby, chicken curry and white long-grain rice. 

It's not been the healthiest day. But it has been a tasty one. 

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