Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What BeeBee Wants: The ShoeZone Want List

It's that time of year again. The weather is turning and my office are heading into a month long casual clothing frenzy. 

Here in rural East Yorkshire we have been getting off quite lightly weather wise this year. I'm obviously not including the floods that got my home town media coverage and it's own floodwatch account on Facebook! 

I've only broken my coat out for work this week. The last week in November! It has been crazy warm, even in the office (again not something I'm used to as until recently I sat in sub-zero like conditions).

So, as a person with giant man-sized feet I have few outlets for reasonably priced seasonal fashion shoes. I don't always want to pay over the odds for a party shoe I know I'll only wear a handful (footful?) of times. 

And as you all know I also have a habit of getting bored, very quickly, with most things. So here are a few of my favourite titbits from Shoe Zone. All available in Size 9!!!!

I have my eye on these as a walking to the office in comfort-type boot. In the last few years boots that have been inspired by the Ugg/Emu trend have been massive, however the soles haven't been upto much. Leading to wet feet and a lean on! This firm soul with grips look like they could over come the leaf mulch on the paths quiet nicely and not shy away from a puddle or two. 

I love a good canvas shoe. However, I don't always want to wear high tops. This will match perfectly with my black jeans and Xmas jumpers/t-shirts I have for the office and other casual events next month. 

These are my go to style for a party shoe. At 5'11" I don't need the extra added height, and when you spend most of the night on the dance floor why not do it in comfort! I would pair this with either a green dress or a spangly bag for the party season. 

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