Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Stick or Twist

While I've been on hiatus and beavering away in more than one fashion, I was given the fabulous opportunity to learn how to play Roulette and Black Jack by the lovely people at bgo.

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I grabbed my bag, and camera is disappeared off to Leeds for the evening, at the White Cloth Gallery. I lovely little bar/event room near the train station. I'd have been happy to just wander round there for a couple of hours looking at the photographs on display.

No, that's not what I was there for. Along with a handful of other bloggers I was ushered into a gallery that they had turned into a casino for the evening. With two Black Jack tables and a Roulette wheel.

I was given a lesson in how to place bets, sheer luck when it comes to Roulette. However, if you put your chips on a single number the payout is greater than if you edge your bets and choose either 'red' or 'black' or top/middle/bottom third. I found the pace of this game slow. There was a lot of waiting around and there didn't seem to be much of a buzz. Although some people seemed to make a lot of money there very quickly.

I much preferred the Black Jack tables.

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There is a certain pace, I'm certain that there was something in the fact I got paired with a sarcastically funny dealer with quick wit and a questioning manner. Black Jack is practically the same game I played as a child with my grandfather, oddly often while mum was altering dresses for a croupiers at a casino in hull. I remember the dresses as long slinky black numbers with a diamante encrusted diamond at the cleavage. It made me think that all casinos were glamorous places filled with the beautiful people.

Never did it occur to me that those inside the casinos would be playing 21s/pontoon or whatever else it was called.

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There also appears to be a little bit more skill to Black Jack, being able to decide if you are going to risk what card is to be added to your waning hand. I must admit, when playing with someone else's money I did have a go big or go home attitude and had both big wins and big losses.

I can honestly see where the addiction part comes in.

It was a fantastic evening, and hope that I get to repeat it again. It was also nice to meet other bloggers from the Yorkshire region, albeit still a little bit distant from me in the little ol'east Riding.

I had to sneak off at the end of the night so missed who won the prizes. Again I'd like to thank bgo for a fantastic night, and for teaching me a new skill - and that I really am best avoiding the Roulette table at the Office Christmas Party!

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  1. Nice article. I remember the first day i entered a casino, I was immediately took over by its extravagance.....having no idea where to start with i began with slots