Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hallowe'en Nails

These beauties are the reason I was growing my nails.

I adore the look of a French polish/manicure, and I had yet to try an actual gel manicure.

I've had the Avon gel finish enamel, but this time wanted to try the real thing.

I've been wanting to try this look for a while. I can do nail art myself pretty well, I fancied a little bit of pampering and my French manicures have the tendency to go a bit wonky.

This look was originally spotted on +Pinterest

The Jack Skellington nail I felt was a little too spooky for the children I've been working with this weekend, so I had a bit more of an acid house smiley face with a spooky twist....

I've already started looking for ideas to have done next halloween!

I'm really lucky that my friend Gemma is a fabulous nail art technician and was able to this look for me, and even added some extra bling to proceedings. 

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