Monday, 24 November 2014

Doing Things For Me

It has taken it's time, but I am finally feeling more able to do things for me.

My whole life I have put myself way down the line of things that need my attention. 

This blog does help in a small way. 

Saying that much of what I do for myself, entails me doing things for other people. 

Being able to step outside of being a mum or even an office worker (and the office I work in is not the most normal of places).

This time of year can become all consuming. Christmas is the busiest time of the year in my office without a shadow of a doubt. We work at an accelerated rate from October and through November, then once December arrives overtime is here too.

God bless newspapers and magazines and all those who read them.

Then there is home. Christmas with 2 kids, in the same play, in the same school. Who, just for a change want different things.

So right now, just for a change, I'm doing things for me. I went to that Casino Night event. I embraced the terror of going to Leeds on a train on my own, and the nerves accompanied with going to an event on my own.

I have a couple of Christmas crafty courses coming up. I have started a Crafty Coffee Morning so people can come for a coffee and bring their knitting or crochet or quilling... I think you get the gist. As a project it's only new, but hopefully month after month it will pick up in popularity.

A perfect opportunity to have a cuppa, a chat and enjoy some crafts. 

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