Tuesday, 11 November 2014

MIA- A Diary Post

I've been Missing In Action from the blogsphere that is What BeeBee Did. I've also been giving social media in general a bit of a wide berth.

It has come to that time of the year that most production journalists in the TV Listings world either loathe or love. Possibly both in equal measures.

To put it politely I have been meeting myself coming back for a good few weeks now. I took October Half Term Week off from the site, and didn't pick up my laptop. I did keep my head either in a book or my legs underneath a growing blanket I am currently crocheting. After all it's that time of the year... dark nights make me yearn to craft.

I haven't done anything particularly beautimyfied, not even put my contact lenses in for at least a month! My hair has been stuck in Mummy's working mode (aka messy bun) and my car has been my main home.

Or at least that is how it feels.

The diet rollercoaster has been just that and I have fallen off the cart and gained a stupid amount of weight.

This week I have managed to reign that in a bit. I really must remember that it is a one day at a time thing. After all this is forever, and no matter how much I want it to it I will never be skinny - and most importantly it will not happen (in the words of Tommy Cooper) 'just like that'.

And lastly... just because...

(24 of 32 Pics) A collection of funny, interesting, cute and noteworthy pictures

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