Tuesday, 31 December 2013


The New Year is approaching and the idea of a fresh start is forefront in my mind. 

But what do I want to change?

How do I become the best me I can be?

What can I change that will benefit me in the long term?

What experiences would I like to have and which would I prefer to not repeat?

With those questions in mind, what shall I add to my list of priorities for the year?

1. Moisturise more regularly, and I mean everyday not just when I remember. 

2. Take better care of my nails, they are in a total state right now splitting and breaking. 

3. Keep on top of the housework (this is a biggie)

4. Get organised, losing your diary is not the way forward.

5. Eat better, fell off my health wagon a bit this year. Getting your bum stuck in a chair at church is a pretty dramatic emphasis that you need to get back on that.

6. Read more books for fun. I read, I read a lot, for work... what happens on television is just not that interesting and frequently very badly spelt when I see it. 

7. Find THE perfect RED lipstick. 

Yes, the last one is a bit flippant, but really I have been looking for years. At least 5 of them and I still have yet to find THE perfect one, I have got close... just not quite there yet. 

What are you're plans/resolutions for the brand spanking new year?

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