Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

Like pretty much the rest of the world I've been shopping for some seasonal goods. 

Slightly under the weather, I battled the stand-still traffic of Hull Road to get into York's city centre for a bit of a festive meander. 

First I went for a look around New Look, I've been loving the Christmas jumper selection there this year, I saw three that I loved and couldn't decide which to buy, so went off to McDonalds for a Hot Mocha while I made my mind up. I finally decided on this sheepy number. It will have life after Christmas.

It's super soft, with the sheep's fleece being an eyelash yarn and a scoop neck. It will keep me nice and warm and snuggly.

I bought a few other bits and bobs, before I went on a window shopping and continued my mocha drinking mission in Starbucks, while waiting for the other half to meet me. 

I picked up these fantastic penguin ear muffs on a stall in Coney Street, and have pretty much been attached to my ears ever since. Blooming ear ache, one year I'll manage to not get sick either on the run up to, or on, Christmas.
I hightailed it over to Superdrug and found myself gazing in wonder at the Essie nail bar and the MUA counter, where I picked up the new matte eyeshadow palette Ever After. I've been hankering after this for a while. Then found some other items for my other half's stocking.

So far I'm thinking this will get used even more than my Heaven & Earth palette, which I hammered somewhat.

I then headed over to Poundworld to stock up for a children's party I was arranging and these cheeky items just jumped into my basket! I love the glass, it will be my wine glass of choice this season (even if right now it's only holding some Pepsi Max Cherry). 

I had a little bit of time leftover so I took to wandering around TK Maxx, Paperchase and Pylones, I love Pylones so much. So many funky little items. Not particularly useful ones, but oh so pretty and quirky. 

I really shouldn't leave it so long before I go into York again. 

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