Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Nails

I bought these nail stickers from Avon quite a while ago when they were on offer.

Question is... did mine look like this after I stuck them on? How easy are they to apply? How long will they last and look good for?

So far I have had mine on for 5 days. They've not exactly been looked after... That is once I got them on.

As directed I cleaned and dried my nails. Chose the appropriate-sized sticker for each nail and trimmed them to fit. I peeled the strong plastic backing off and attached the thin sticker to the nail. They went on easily with little bubbling and smoothed out well. Then as directed, I smoothed it over the end of my nail and then filed the ends of to shape to fit.

I did this for both hands. It was quick and easy and looked really good.

Then I had a couple of problems with the left hand. It appears that on the batch I got there was a lack of glue. Some of the stickers just slid off my fingers. So I cleaned my nails with acetone and did a little buffing/scuffing up of the nail bed and reapplied 3 stickers. This seems to have done the trick they've not budged much since then.

So what sort of wear have I had? Well, there was the party on Saturday night, not counting the accidental scorching the palm of my right hand on my turning tongs. Ouch... lots of holding under cold water ran over that hand, followed by drying then repeating, I washed up (without the aid of rubber gloves) after a party for 20 children! I've done the usual mum thing of picking up, cleaning and other generalness.

Now they look like this...

I've really enjoyed this style of nail covering. No drying time, no clean up afterwards. Even better no fumes, I have a highly sensitive nose.

I already have some other nail stickers added to my next Avon order, not to mention some others I have found on eBay too.

You can buy these stickers here in the current campaign

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