Saturday, 21 December 2013

Festive Top Ups

Headed into Hull to get some little bits and bobs for the Brothers Thing's Christmas Stockings and, looking back, to top up on festive menu fast food. Yummy diet-inducing badness!

Our main port of call in Hull was St Stephen's, with a stocking topping up session at Poundland... gosh I know how to live! I even got some adorable garlands to dress the 'subtle' tree this year.

I picked up some more of my favourite Nivea lip balm (the caramel one), not a clue where my last one disappeared to, discovered Nicole by O.P.I. and left sharpish before I tried to buy one of each.

Wandering through the shopping centre my eye was drawn to a chief elf tee in Peacocks just through the door. Totally adorable, shame that work's Christmas Jumper day was on the 13th December! Then I spotted this piece of retro, almost Americana gorgeousness. A creamy white thin sweatshirt with vibrant red arms and trim and a cute embellished fair isle reindeer. Guess what I'm going to be wearing to work soon.

Then I heard the call of the wild, well the call of the Starbucks at least. I got my first eggnog latte of the season. A venti at that, the Hubby did well. On the way back home we called by McDonalds and got the Festive Deluxe. I'm not the biggest McD's burger fan, however this one really did hit the spot. The fries however... least said.

The winning parts of this burger was marriage of the smoked bacon, peppered mayonnaise and bbq glaze (oh and cheese, American cheese is one of my guilty good pleasures).

Is anyone else craving vegetables yet?

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